Payroll Management and Establishment Control (PMEC)

Please be advised that for this service to be in full operation, you have to give us 2 Days for verification of your Details (For First time users only)

The Acronyn PMEC stand for Payroll Management and Establishment Control (PMEC), this payment method is made to help civil servants pay through their employers using the Lastest pay Slip on which the duly amount is deducted from the Customers payslip at the month End. Please NOTE that you need to be a civil servant to use this payment method. Below are the steps on how to use PMEC Payment Method

  1. Register on as a standard customers here .
  2. Apply for Account Upgrade on from standard customer to Civil Servant here, the processing of  this account type will take 2 (two) working days, once your account upgrade have been approved you will be notified via email. Then you will be able to use your account to pay via PMEC.
  3. To keep using PMEC account you will be required to send your latest pay slip monthly to shop4me using this email on request.


How to use ZANACO Xapit

  1. Open your cell phone and dial *444#
  2. Enter your Pin
  3. Choose 2 (Transfer by mobile number)
  4. Enter cellphone number (0968193265)
  5. Enter the amount
  6. Enter your reference number
  7. Confirm the payment (Mundia Mundia)

NOTE: once you send the payment, you will need to send as your order number then we deliver